Over the past week I had the opportunity to work with a couple of different groups of fantastic young people. 

Thursday had me in Perth, working on some action for the Youth Theatre group for their performance of Tomorrow for NT Connections. A very vibrant and tuned in group of young actors with a great script on their hands.

I have also been brought in by the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland as a Specialist Workshop Leader for their Short Courses program. A morning session on Villains and all the power struggle there in provided for more laughs than expected. The group took to the choreography really well. In the afternoon I had the joy of working with some S1's and some swords. I led them in a salute to which they committed completely. It was very moving to witness this group in some very mature and respectful work. I was definitely recalling some of the great maestros I have worked with, and finding that sense of wonder in an artform that had its beginnings so long ago.  SUCH A PLEASURE!