Starting up with a bang!

So as I finally get my butt in gear with this website, I've got a lot to write about! The beginning of 2014 has been surprising and exciting, culminating in the past few days of awesomeness. 


Tuesday night was the Premier of "Doug and Steve's Big Holy Adventure." This was a short comedy filmed in the summer of 2013, produced by Worrying Drake. I've been lucky enough to work with this company a couple of times now. The premier for their latest film was held in the big Cineworld in Glasgow, a 300 seat cinema that was PACKED! Their 3 other award winning films were screened as well, the whole night being a fundraiser for their upcoming feature.  It was a fantastic night and really exciting to see myself up on that big screen. Mostly it was a joy to hear people laugh and enjoy themselves.  Take a look at the fundraising page for Worrying Drake. (you'll get to see me in a couple of clips in their video pitch)


On Wednesday morning I had the chance to step into rehearsal for Miss Julie, which opens at Glasgow's Citizens' Theatre next week. I worked with Keith Fleming (who was a freaking fantastic Macbeth for Perth/the Tron) and Louise Brealey (Sherlock's "Molly") on some of the action for Zinnie Harris' update of the play. It's going to be a lusty, powerful piece and I'm looking forward to seeing it.


Today I spent the day staging brawls and battles and fisticuffs... in a library! I've been part of a merry band of make-believers working with writer Lowri Potts on her Creative Scotland funded play for a library. This woman has a wild imagination and has really taken flight with the notion that anything can happen in a library. Like a Western style standoff. And the fight on the Cliffs of Insanity from the Princess Bride. And an all out punch up between a middle-aged lady and a big bearded dude in a skirt! It was fantastic!!

Well done, January!! Let's keep being awesome!!


Sending big joy to anyone who reads this (and extra joy to anyone who's not my mum!)


EmC xx


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