"Her high level professional skills were clear from the start, very quickly creating an environment of safety and creativity, where fight direction was initiated from character motivation and where physical daring could be taken in a step by step, safe and structured form."  Susan Worsfold, Director - Private Lives

BenHurLive!  in Rome

BenHurLive! in Rome

"EmmaClaire displays a calm assurance in her approach to creating a safe and productive working environment allowing the ensemble to develop their work at a pace that dovetails their combat experience. Throughout my time working on productions with her, EmmaClaire contributed to the rehearsal process supporting the creative team across all disciplines in staging highly complex fights and movement sequences whilst juggling a very tight schedule for main stage and transfers. Superb practitioner and contributor." Gavin Johnston, Production Manager - The Seafarer and Macbeth

myself with actress Alicia Devine in rehearsal for site specific  Lottery 2

myself with actress Alicia Devine in rehearsal for site specific Lottery 2

"[EmmaClaire] was my Fight Captain on Ben Hur Live in Rome, Italy (www.benhurlive.com).  She was an invaluable member of the creative team.  Her duties as fight captain were huge...  Her confident presence was soothing as she guided the actors through their fight choreography.  Her knowledge was beyond her years...  EmmaClaire is a brave woman of theatre."  Rick Sordelet, Fight Director - BenHurLive!




Macbeth  co-production between Perth and the Tron Theatre         

Macbeth co-production between Perth and the Tron Theatre






"Working with EmmaClaire on my site-specific library play, Lottery 2, was a revelation! She fully entered into the spirit of the work - to have two adult actors fighting with imaginary weapons - and she added layers of authenticity that I could never have achieved without her. Not only did she coach our actors in rehearsal with commitment, empathy and intelligence  but she enabled us all to draw upon her wealth of combat knowledge to enrich the script. The process was so much fun, I want to work with her again. Thank you EmmaClaire! When's the next one? " Lowri Potts, playwright - Lottery 2