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"Telling stories.  That's what I love.  Finding the heart and the important piece that needs to be shared, whether to bring joy or healing or adventure... yes, that's what I love"  


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Wrap up the year with new headshots? Why not!

I had a session with the brilliant Dahlia Katz. More images to come.

And very excited to head into 2018 represented by Butler Ruston Bell in Toronto.

 photo cred: Dahlia Katz

photo cred: Dahlia Katz


Have a listen to my new Commercial Voice Reel thanks to Janice at DemoManiacs.

The teaser trailer for Anna and the Apocalypse has just been released. I worked as Fight Arranger on this exciting zombie musical!

Premiering at Fantastic Fest in Austin, Texas Sept 21 - 28, and at the Sitges Festival in Barcelona, Oct 5 - 15.

Oresteia: This Restless House

*** Remounted for the Edinburgh International Festival ***

Aug 22 - 27, 2017

The award winning trilogy by Zinnie Harris, adapted from Aeschylus' The Oresteia. Produced by The Citizen's Theatre and The National Theatre of Scotland, I worked as Fight Director on this production. 

I appeared as Goneril in Queen Lear, adapted and directed by Jennifer Dick.

* * * * - "this powerful two-hour version of Lear, ... like a portrait of a great and powerful ruler succumbing to the early stages of dementia." The Scotsman - Joyce McMillan

* * * * - "Jennifer Dick's female reworking of Shakespeare's mightiest tragedy"  The Herald - Neil Cooper

* * * * - "What emerges in Dick's play is a superb collection of character studies: pompous, yet conflicted Goneril (Emma Claire Brightlyn)"   The List - Lorna Irvine




I played the roles of Apemantus and the Senator in Timon of Athens, adapted and directed by Jennifer Dick.

* * * * - "the suspicious philosopher Apemantus is played by fine Canadian actor EmmaClaire Brightlyn, a gender shift which (like Brightlyn's playing of an Athenian senator) is simultaneously modern and timeless... memorable playing by Cooper and Brightlyn." The Sunday Herald - Mark Brown

* * * * - "the first-ever professional production of Timon Of Athens made in Scotland ... fairly whets the appetite for more interpretations of this most timely play about how great inequalities of wealth warp and destroy relationships, leading only to loneliness and bitter despair." The Scotsman - Joyce McMillan

* * * * - "[Timon's] interplay with Brightlyn as Apemantus is key here. While opposites attracted when Timon was a good time girl, her acquired misanthropy make the pair uncomfortable equals." The Herald - Neil Cooper


The casting announcement can be found here.

Filming starts 16 Jan on Anna and the Apocalypse! I get to fight coordinate the zombies. Read more about it all here:

Screen Daily

Berlin Film Festival Hot List


Thank you so much to Creative Scotland for your financial support in my attendance at the first ever World Stage Combat Conference in Toronto, Aug 3 - 24, 2016.


“You think you know who I am, what I might become... ”

With the sunrise comes her final day, her final fight.

She chooses, and she may just prove you wrong.

Becoming is a mesmerizing one-act play about a Gladiatrix, written by Kathy McKean and produced by Shiny Productions.
Directed by Jennifer Dick
Performed by EmmaClaire Brightlyn

May 16 and 17, 2016 at Govanhill Baths, 6:30 nightly.




Reviews For EmmaClaire's Performance In Richard II, Bard In The Botanics 2015

* * * * "... bravely rethought version..."                                                  The Scotsman - Joyce McMillan

* * * * " fierce-eyed Lady Bolingbroke (EmmaClaire Brightlyn) is ... a steely warrior driven by honour, not anger. Revealing a tender heart, she makes you wish there had once been a great queen of that name." The Guardian - Mark Fisher

* * * * "... most daringly audacious of reinventions ... "                        The Herald - Neil Cooper