Back at it!

So a brief recap to get you caught up. Calvinball at the Edinburgh Fringe went really well. We played and danced and laughed, and EVERYBODY won!! We had mum's with children who "never engage" being caught up in all of the play, and dad's laughing just as much as the wee ones they were with. It was a rewarding experience all around and such a treat even on less-than-perfect-weather days to have our audiences leave with big smiles. There were a handful of season programmers from around the UK who took a shine to the show as well, so hopefully we'll get to bring out the toys and the team colours again soon!

At the end of August I took off to Canada for a few weeks. In the middle of the trip I had the great opportunity to go into Gilbert Paterson Middle School in Lethbridge, Alberta and work with some of the students. I was a guest artist for the week, teaching introduction to stage combat and a found weapons class as well. We had an amazing number of supersonic pens and a pair of shoes that would make your opponent dance uncontrollably so you could get away. Kids are awesome!

Upon my return to Glasgow I jumped right into rehearsals for UNSUB's production of Medea. Directed by Jennifer Dick, it is the company's first production and it is quite exciting to be a part of. I am playing the role of Coryphaeus, head of the Chorus in this adaptation. It is a great group of actors to be working with. We have danced with the idea of making it a razzle-dazzle musical, tentatively titled "Oh My Zeus!! It's all Greek to me!", however the story just didn't feel honest in that format. (all of that is meant to be a joke. There will be no tap numbers or feathers.) It runs Nov 4 - 6 at Webster's Theatre. Book your tickets from The Cottiers box office.

I've been keeping my hand in all things action, staging some action for White Stag and their double bill of Tomas and Fantom, and Untitled Projects remount of Slope. All of these productions are coming to the Citizens Theatre over the next 2 weeks.

All busy times, and more to come. I taught a workshop for 15 - 17 year olds at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in October. An excellent group of young people who did really well over the two days of intense learning. I'll be back at the Conservatoire teaching a workshop for adults Nov 15 and 16. Check out the link for more.